Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6 Week Body Makeover Body Type A

The Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover Body Type D (Endo-Ecto) is a unique body type as the meal plan closely reflects the Atkins diet. All bodies are not made equal and that's why the meal plans in the Michael Thurman diet vary depending on what type of you have (body types a, b, c or d). D body types are people who have a sluggish metabolism and a lack of adequate lean muscle tissue. Does this sound like you? Eating a higher amount of protein is the key to gaining lean muscle for these types of people. Muscle is what causes your metabolism to burn calories all day long. Most people try to stay away from red meats; however "D" bodies get to eat beef as the components in red meat will accelerate your fat loss. However, because you have a sluggish metabolism, you should stay away from simple carbs such as sweet fruit, sugars and processed grains. Try to focus on eating complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and low sugar fruits like grapefruit and berries.

Here is an example of a meal that you can eat for a female “D” body on the six week body makeover. All of the foods are for the gourmet category of meals.

Gourmet Breakfast: Steak & Eggs – Scrambled Egg Whites (with Tomato & Basil) & Lean Steak with Grilled Onions and Hash Browns

Gourmet Snack: Chicken Mexicana – Chicken Breast smothered in Homemade Salsa and Cinnamon-Spiced Beaches

Gourmet Lunch: Shish Kebabs with Saffron Rice – Steak Skewers with Squash, Peppers, Onions & Cherry Tomatoes over Rice.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Chili Stuffed Potato РExtra Lean Ground Beef saut̩ed with Onions, Peppers, Stewed Tomatoes & Chili Seasoning over a Baked Potato

Gourmet Dinner: Grilled New York Steak, Garlic Roasted Potatoes & Grilled Vegetable Medley

Gourmet Snack: Caribbean Garlic Lime Chicken Breast with Kiwi Sorbet

If you’re using the Infinite Menu Planner then here are the choices for breakfast through dinner.
Breakfast – 2 oz. protein and ½ cup carb A
Snack – 2 oz protein A and ½ cup fruit A
Lunch – 2-3 oz. protein, ½ cup carb a, and 1 cup of veggie A
Mid-Afternoon Snack – 2 oz. protein A and ½ cup carb A
Dinner – 2-3 oz. of protein A, ½ cup carb A, 1-2 cups of veggie A
PM Snack – 1-2 Oz. protein A and ½ cup fruit A

Eating is a snap if you follow the guidelines for the 6 Week Body Makeover.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 Week Body Makeover Body Type C Meal Plan

The 6 Week Body Makeover is not going so well for me. I need to stick to the Body Type C Meal Plan. To tell you the honest truth, I haven't even started yet! ARGH! It's been frustrating because I make one excuse after another on why I haven't started. No time, no energy, no money, no food...blah blah blah...but at the end of the day. It's just because I'm lazy. I have been eating so much junk food (processed, fast food, sweets) and haven't been eating enough food that has nutrition. I know that this diet will work if I just put the effort into it. Just like any other diet, it will take time and you will gradually see results as long as you stick to the plan. This is what I've learned so far about my body. According to the Michael Thurmond diet, I have a body type C. "C" bodies have more lean muscle mass than other body types, sometimes they have too much muscle. This is true for me as I do have more muscle mass than some and it's easier for me to gain muscle than a lot of people. However, I do feel bulky in some parts and would like to lean down. Also, according to the body makeover, even though I have more lean muscle, I tend to have problem areas. My problem area is my mid-section...this is where most men gain weight and I've always had a problem of not having a flat stomach.

The meal plan for body type C people are different than other diets as they are allowed to eat more fruits and simple/complex carbohydrates. However, they are not supposed to eat red meat as this will make them bulk up. These days I have been eating a lot of beef and have noticed that I gain weight faster than I do when I eat chicken and fish. I think I've gained about 6 pounds in 2 weeks from eating too much red meat and unrefined pastas. I'm pretty sure all the junk food hasn't helped either...I'm angry at myself for eating all this junk but I know I shouldn't dwell on the past and focus on eating healthy.

I guess the first part of this diet is having a set schedule. I'm all about routine and I guess I need to set up an eating schedule in order to discipline myself. So here is my menu for the body type C for the first week of the six week body makeover.


4 Egg Whites (Egg Beaters) & 1/2 Cp of Grapefruit

Mid Morning Snack

4 oz. Turkey Breast & 1/2 cup of greens


4 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup of rice , 2 cups of veggies

Mid Afternoon Snack

4 oz. of fresh tuna & 2 cups of greens


4 oz. lean turkey breast & 2 cups of greens

No late night snack for me!

I'm going to stick to this plan for one week and eat the same stuff every day. I'm pretty sure if I stick to this plan for one week, I will lose around 3 pounds of body fat.

Also, I'm planning on working on using the body scuplting routines provided in my makeover kit.

That's it, I'm going to challenge myself and dedicate this week to losing weight on the 6 week body makeover.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 Week Body Makeover Meal Plan

I just finished the 6 Week Body Makeover Blue Print and now I'm focusing my efforts on the meal plan. I would like to share my meal plan with you. Remember, each meal plan is different for each body type so your meals might be different than mine.

The Fast Track Menu Cards are included in your bodymakeover kit and display easy meal plans for each type of body. There are four categories of meals to choose from: easy, gourmet and rapid results. You can also use the "Infinite Menu Planner Choices" to create your own meals specifically for your body type (I will get into the Infinite Menu Planner in my next post)

Here is a typical meal on the Michael Thurmond diet for a "C" body type using the Rapid Results category.


4 Egg Whites & 1 cup of greens (or 1/2 cup of grapefruit)

Mid Morning Snack

4 oz. turkey breast & 1 cup greens


4 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup rice & 1 cup mixed veggies

Mid-Afternoon Snack

4 oz. fresh tuna & 1 cup greens


4 oz. lean turkey breast & 1/2 cup grapefruit

PM Snack (Optional)

1/2 grapefruit

HOLY SMOKES! This seems like a lot of food, yes, you are eating more meals per day, BUT if you look at the portions you will notice that every meal has small serving sizes. This is going to be hard for me as I'm used to eating a couple of large meals per day. I usually eat a large lunch and a large dinner. If I stick to this diet, I'm going to have to plan my meals ahead of time and start cooking.

Guess it's time to go shopping! Hmmm...I hope all this effort on the 6 Week Body Makeover diet is worth it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 Week Body Makeover How Come I'm Fat?

Hi all! The 6 Week Body Makeover saga continues. I've finished blue printing my body and now I'm on the step of learning what type of body I have so that I can sculpt my problem areas. Before I dive into the body sculpting portion, I would like to talk about why we get fat.

I've been reading up on the Michael Thurman diet and the information that they provide actually makes a lot of sense. According to the information guide, our bodies are based on human evolution. Back in the "cave man" day, to survive, we would gather nuts and fruits and hunt game. However, the source of our food was always subject to change depending on migration effects and seasonal conditions. This is where evolution comes into play. Evolution helped us by allowing our bodies to store food in the form of fat cells. If we could not forage for food, then the fat stored up in our bodies would keep us going into we found our next meal. This is how we survived back when food was scarce. Zip forward to the present and scarcity of food ceases to exist. Since food is plentiful, it is easy to find food and eat. Our bodies are still programed to store fat for survival, however, we simply do not eat to survive. Our metabolic rate decreases in order to slow down calories burned in order to store fat for survival. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, your body might be confused and think that your body is not active because you're trying to save energy, hence your body's metabolism will slow down and you will gain weight.

The key is to increase your metabolism and manipulate it so that you can lose weight. The 6 Week Body Makeover Meal Plan will show you what to eat to increase your metabolism and confuse your body into burning off calories and over time burn off fat storage. I will show you example meals to follow in one of my future 6 Week Body Makeover posts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Michael Thurman Diet

My Michael Thurman Body Makeover Has Arrived!

So I FINALLY received my Michael Thurman Six Week Body Makeover kit on 6/2/2009. I will post pictures of the entire kit and kaboodle later. Let's just say the amount of stuff that you receive in the box is quite overwhelming. The first step of the six week body makeover is to determine what body type you are. You determine your body type by taking the makeover blue-print. The blue print is a set of 48 statement questionnaire. You fill in all of the bubbles that are applicable to you. Some of the statements are, "when I gain weight I gain it all over my entire body" and "I currently only eat once or twice a day." The focus of the questions are to determine, where you want to lose weight, eating habits, muscle mass, amount of physical activity and body satisfaction. Once all the applicable questions are filled out you will calculate your body type by tallying the total number of circles by column. Based on your totals, your body type can either be an a, b, c or d.

In my case, I'm a body type C. A body type C is defined as a body that builds and maintains lean muscle easily. Muscle burns calories and it is determined that a body type C metabolism is not that sluggish compared to other types of bodies. This means that body type C bodies do not have to be as careful with simple carbohydrates like fruits and starchy vegetables. The booklet indicates that my body will do well with slightly sweeter fruits such as apples, bananas and honeydew. Other weight loss foods that should be included in my diet are starchy carbs such as oatmeal, rice and other grains. As for proteins, the diet states that I should stay away from red meat so I won't "bulk up" and instead eat proteins such as chicken, fish and seafood. An example diet on the body makeover diet is chicken and shrimp shish kabobs over saffron rice with roasted vegetables...doesn't sound too bad :)

I'm not sure about losing 30 lbs in 6 weeks (I don't need to lose that much weight)...my ideal would be to lose around 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle. The next post will be about finishing my body blue print.

Oh, by the way, if you don't have the book and want to get started with the Michael Thurman six week body makeover, you can go to the 6 week body makeover website at mybodymakeover.com (copy and paste into the address bar) and do the blue print online.